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Oct 07

@albertocairo sobre estudios de #ddj, carga emocional y (anti)héroes de la #dataviz

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Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo, The functional Art) ha publicado una serie de tres artículos sobre tres aspectos variados, no centrales de la representaciones gráficas, sino más bien sobre la actividad profesional. Aquí van los enlaces:

Sobre la existencia de pequeños grupos/estudios de periodismo de datos y grafismo que sustituyan a "los grandes":

Can independent organizations make up for the dwindling of Big Media? That's an unsettling question, although there are some glimpses of hope: ProPublica and the Texas Tribune, for instance. [4] In the case of visualization, would small graphics groups or individuals be able to act as merciless watchdogs if most large organizations vanish? Perhaps, but only if, right after they somehow secure funding, they're true to certain ideals.

Sobre la representación de información con carga emocional

But rational persuasion lies at the core of rhetoric, and rhetoric has a noble and long tradition in philosophy and science. It just needs to be handled with care, perhaps even more so when we use it in visual displays of information.

Sobre los héroes y antihéroes de la visualización

We immortalize the Snows of this world and condemn the Aclands to oblivion. Perhaps we shouldn't. We know too little about the hard-working losers who struggled mightily and mightily failed.

Lecturas interesantes, todas buenas compañeras de un rato tranquilo de reflexión.

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